International Journal of Theoretical Physics, 38 [to be published] (1999).


Mladen Pavicic

Department of Mathematics, University of Zagreb, GF, Kaciceva 26, POB-217, HR-10001 Zagreb, Croatia;;

Abstract. The following results obtained within a project of finding algebra of states in a general purpose quantum computer are reported: 1. all operations of an orthomodular lattice, including the identity, are five-fold defined; 2. there are non-orthomodular models for both quantum and classical logics; 3. there is a 4-variable orthoarguesian lattice condition which contains all known orthoarguesian lattice conditions including 6- and 5-variable ones.

PACS numbers: 03.65.Bz, 02.10.By, 02.10.Gd

Keywords: quantum logic, orthomodular lattices, quantum computation, classical logic, Boolean algebra, orthoarguesian properties, models.