International Journal of Theoretical Physics 73, 2085-2091 (1996).


Harry Paul1 and Mladen Pavicic1,2

1Max-Planck-AG Nichtklassische Strahlung, Humboldt University of Berlin, D-12484 Berlin, Germany.

2Department of Mathematics, University of Zagreb, GF, Kaciceva 26, POB-217, HR-10001 Zagreb, Croatia;;

Abstract. We show that one can use a single optical cavity as a simplest possible resonator in order to ascertain the presence of an object with an arbitrarily low portion of an incoming laser beam. In terms of individual photons, each photon non-repeatedly tests the object with an arbitrary high probability of detecting its presence without interacting with it.

PACS numbers: 03.65.Bz, 42.50.Wm

Keywords: interaction-free experiment, optical cavity