Physics Letters A 224, 220--226 (1997).


Mladen Pavicic

Max-Planck-AG Nichtklassische Strahlung, Humboldt University of Berlin, D-12484 Berlin, Germany.

Department of Mathematics, University of Zagreb, GF, Kaciceva 26, POB-217, HR-10001 Zagreb, Croatia;;

Abstract. A loophole-free four photon EPR experiment requiring only 67% detection efficiency which prepares independent photons into a non-maximal singlet-like spin state by means of an asymmetrical beam splitter is proposed. The experiment does not suffer from the usual poor net detection efficiency and can therefore serve to close the low detection efficiency, the no enhancement, and the spacelike separation loophole.

PACS numbers: : 03.65.Bz, 42.50.Wm

Keywords: four photon interferometry, loophole-free EPR experiment.